May 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.

Terri Trawick

PJs & Pixels - Boobs, Boys and Bokeh

PJs & Pixels - Boobs, Boys and Bokeh

Get ready to laugh and learn in a casual program with the talented boudoir photographer,

Terri Trawick - Audacious Images.

Even though women outnumber the male counterpart in professional photography, we learn differently and are consistently criticized for our equipment choices more than our creative skills. Add in the multiple roles of mother, wife, girlfriend, or even grandmother to the long list of duties as a professional and the "job" can be overwhelming. The struggle is real.

Terri will review the top 10 things to know as a professional to help you succeed, as well, as dispel photography myths that hinder our happiness. She will explain some of the best bokeh gear, girlie gorilla marketing, and secrets to boudoir business. How about learning the easiest way to shoot with flash? Yeah, it’s covered and takes less than 10 minutes to review. You might just find a pearl or two learning how women think. Girl Shooters Rule!

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