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President's Message--Malinda Julien, CPP

May 01, 2018

FWPPA President’s Message

May 2018


May General Meeting:


I have a few things I’d like to run past you – get your insight and thoughts. I want to align the FWPPA with as much success as I can before my duty as President ends this year, setting the stage for continued success.


Our guild is looking at the future, sustainability and relevance. Your Board of Directors has considered many ideas, which would allow FWPPA to continue our momentum. I’d like to present you with some discussion for 2019 direction and vote at our May meeting.


First: Our meeting times and location:

The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens has been a great home for us and I believe their support for our guild is unmatched elsewhere. Our membership has grown and we need larger space. We have a few options:


1) Remain in our current room and take out the tables, featuring chairs only and have more room. This would allow us to remain for $1500/year


2) Remain in our current room and open the sliding divider to have both sides for $3600/year


3) Move to the Rose Room (larger than where we are but not quite as large as the double rooms) for $2700/year


4) Contemplate moving to a different venue for less money.


The FWBG has graciously given us half price if we pay in full for next year and sign the contract. I feel this is too good to pass up and would like to see us stay. I believe moving to the Rose Room and paying immediately would be our best option.


Our guild has enough money to pay this for 2019, pay our speakers, awards and education reimbursements. Growth is steady in the guild and can support this type of change as long as the guild continues to put forth effort to continue our growth.


This is an important issue so I am also bringing this to you for your thoughts.


Our meeting dates for 2019 – keep on 2nd Wednesday or move to 2nd Monday of each month. Why would we want to consider this move?


The goal is to support, educate and promote professional photography through our guild meetings and other educational programs. Here in the Metroplex we are blessed with a great opportunity! We have TWO guilds available – the FWPPA and DPPA. Many of our members belong to both and many members of DPPA attend FWPPA.


DPPA has launched a program of workshops for Wednesday after their meeting on the 2nd Tues. This is open to us, of course, and we have the opportunity to support our sister guild as well as offer education without traveling, hotel and just a bit of gas and time. I do not want our FWPPA members to have to choose between going to these great workshops and coming to our program. FWPPA is also not equipped at this time to host our own big workshops, so participation with our sister guild makes sense.


This also allows the DPPA members to support our guild as well.


Another consideration is Wednesday night is a church night for some of our previous members. When polled, there were members who said they could never come on a Wednesday because of their commitments.


I have already checked with the FWBG and the 2nd Mondays of each month would be available.


Think about this and see what you would like to do.


Second: Our Print Competition:


I have considered some slight changes after the success of our digital entry program. Digital entry allows you to enter without as much expense, allowing more people to participate; however, we still don’t have a lot of feedback and advice on our entries. The guild level is where we should learn how to compete, get feedback on our entries and mentoring.


Proposing 100% digital entries with an earlier entry date than the day before would allow us to have judges from all over volunteer their time and write small critiques and advice for your entry. That would be shared with you, of course.


Ribbons would be awarded at the guild meeting at the top of the program. We could display the entries on the projector so you could see them. We won’t have to have the iMac and the big table for the prints. This would also allow the director of Print Competition the opportunity to participate in the program. He or she usually has to work the entire time calculating scores and such.


This would be the same form that is currently on our website with a date of entry by the week before. No late entries would be allowed.


We would like to present a twist on an earlier idea of different competitions for different skill levels. It is a bit disheartening to be competing against the more experienced competitors. I’d like to propose a “Masters Competition” and an “Aspiring Masters Competition”. The Masters Competition would be for anyone who has merited towards a Master Photographer or Master Artist degree through PPA and thusly the Aspiring Masters Competition would be for those who have not merited in either division.


They would be judged for placements separately, judged by our Masters and those who have merited. They will be happy to share insights, critiques and thoughts on your entry.


The Aspiring Masters Competition is open to all members; however, the points will not be considered for Photographer of the Year or other awards.


On a final note: Getting involved. I would like for you to consider running for the Board of Directors or committees. 2019 will need strong support from the members of FWPPA – consider being a part of that leadership.


That’s it – things we want you to consider.


If there is anything you need or any question I can answer or any suggestion you want considered, please feel free to contact me.


This is YOUR guild.



Next meeting: Chris Smith--May 9, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

May 01, 2018


June 22, 2018

Don't miss TPPA's annual photographic event in Conroe, Texas.  It combines photographic education and family fun on the shores of Lake Conroe at the La Torretta Resort and Conference Center.  The dates are June 24-27, 2018.  Summerfest also features the Texas-sized Photographic Competition where photographers compete for top honors in the Annual TPPA Photographic Competition.  We were also given a bit of a heads up that early registrants will be treated to a special treat (it has to do with Tony Corbell)!  Get more info and register here!

Do'$ and Don't$ to Follow When Pricing your Work by Dwayne Lee, M. Photog., Cr.-API

May 09, 2018

Some Do’$ and Don’t$ to Follow When Pricing Your Work

By Dwayne Lee, M.Photog., Cr. - API


One of the biggest hurdles small businesses (like most photographers) must jump in order to be successful and viable is the ability to properly price their service and/or product. Please note – I said properly price their service and/or work.

Let’s take a good look at pricing. You don’t just take what you get from the supplier and hand it over to your customer for the same price you paid for it. Of course you don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t stay in business for very long.


You take that product and create a masterpiece. You bundle it with several products or actually create something new and different. Your creativity, your time, your blood/sweat/tears are all wrapped up in this commodity.


But how do you determine a proper selling price for this product which includes all of the above? How do you put a price on your time, your knowledge, your creativity? It is quite difficult to determine a proper price, unless you take the Do’$ and Don’t$ tips (below) into consideration.


Pricing a product or service starts with knowing what your expenses are. You need to know how much it costs you per hour to be in business. You also need to know how much your materials, labor, advertising, and overhead costs you. Then you need to factor in how much profit you want to make.


DO Be sure to factor in time to complete the job. You are a professional and should be compensated for your labor, knowledge, and creativity. Your customers trust you, that’s why they hired a professional.


DON’T All too many small businesses will simply look at their competitor’s prices and do something close in nature. What would happen

if your competitor’s overhead and profit margin is a lot lower than yours? You would soon find out that you are losing money on virtually every transaction.


DO One easy way to buy new equipment is to spread the cost around in your prices. If you just have to have that brand new, golly gee whiz gadget that produces a different and unique widget, spread it’s cost among other widgets you sell so that everyone helps pay for the new gadget. Otherwise, you may never buy anything new.


DON’T Whatever you do, don’t take your suppliers’ price lists and merely multiply their prices by some magic number. You have to factor in

items that will have a significant impact on your bottom line (shipping, your overhead, costs for employees, etc.).


DO You need to periodically examine your prices. Costs of goods sometime fluctuate. Rent or utilities may rise. Employees (and you) want raises. You might need to raise your prices. However....


DON’T You don’t want to price yourself out of the marketplace. If your customers can’t afford you or want to pay your price, it doesn’t matter that

you’re the highest in town. You can, however, control your volume with your prices. Be careful, however. There is a very fine line in doing this.


DO Be very careful with discounts. When you’re buying supplies and products, check to see if there are discounts available, especially if buying in bulk. Some suppliers will also provide a discount for paying by a certain time. Take full advantage of these opportunities. And when selling your products and services, you need to be very careful in offering discounts, and offer them only if you can truly afford to do so.


DON’T In most cases, don’t buy similar supplies and merchandise from more than 2-3 vendors. You will be able to build a long-term relationship

with each vendor, thus enabling you to get better service and bigger discounts.


DO Analyze your business frequently. Check the cost of the capital equipment you’ve invested in and see if it is paying off for you. Are you getting a good return on your investment (ROI)?


Properly setting your prices is far more complicated than copying someone’s price list or ‘flying by the seat of your pants”. Take the time to do it right or seek help in this area. Your efforts will pay off, not only right now, but also for the long term.


Remember, PROFIT is not a four-letter word.

From Your Editor!

May 01, 2018

HOWDY...As you read this, those of you lucky enough to have attended Texas School will be headed home...exhausted, yet energized and full of new ideas.  Texas School of Professional Photography, 2018 will be in the books and the planning will have already begun for next year!  Don Dickson and his crew do an amazing (and often thankless) job putting together the biggest photography school in the country.  If you didn't make it this year, make plans NOW to go next year.  You will not regret it.  

Our very own Chris Smith of Ivey Photography in Midlothian will be our speaker for the May 9 meeting.  He will be enlightening us with a program called "From $15.00 to $15,000.00-Sustain your Business with Diversity".  Get your ticket now and learn how to improve that bottom line.  

TPPA's Summerfest is coming up VERY soon!  June 24-27 is the date and La Torretta Lakeside Resort in beautiful Conroe, Texas, is the place!  You can find all the details here!  And DON'T FORGET (if it is not too late) we heard from TPPA Executive Director, Steve Kozak at our March meeting, that there will be a special treat for those early registrants!  

But WAIT, there's more!  More exciting news from TPPA!  I know fall seems like a long time away, but, Photogenesis (the yearly TPPA Convention) will be right in our own neck of the woods this year!  Grapevine, Texas is the location and the dates are October 12-14.  More info about this will be coming our way soon.  

Do not fail to take advantage of the amazing educational and networking events coming up.  FWPPA, TPPA and PPA all work so hard to provide the highest quality educational events money can buy.  WE all must support them!

Have a great summer everyone!

Teresa Bays Steed, VP Website & Newsletter

Calling all Authors!

May 01, 2018

We are in search of compelling and interesting articles to include in our newsletter.  If you have written (or would like to write) an article that you believe FWPPA members would enjoy reading, please submit them to Teresa Bays Steed at

Monthly Competition--Terry Ip, VP of Competition

The Monthly Print Competition allows us to see some of the terrific work of some of our members.  

FWPPA Fellowship Awards Program

May 01, 2018

Did you know you can earn a FWPPA Full Fellowship Award and Associate Fellowship award by accumulating points for accomplishments and service to FWPPA.  Print out the FWPPA Fellowship Point Request Form by clicking the button below and fill out the points you have earned this year. You must submit this to Vicky Kemp, VP Competition by November 1, 2017, to earn your points for this year.  You must do this by November 1 of each year.  Get those points turned in for your chance to earn your Associates or Full Fellowship Award!

New Print Competition Rules

April 01, 2018

Click below to view the new Print Competition rules!

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