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We would love for you to join our guild!

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Types of Memberships

  • Active Member $80 You must be an active professional photographer, available for assignment a minimum of 30 hours per week during normal business hours, and have a Texas Sales Tax Permit for your business. You may also be an employee of a photographer who qualifies for Active membership and your primary job must be photography, or be an Industrial or in plant photographer employed by a firm whose main business purpose is not selling photographs.

  • Associate Member $80 Anyone active in professional photography who has a Texas Sales Tax Permit and does not meet the requirements for, or wish to apply for Active Membership. Employees of photographers who do not qualify for, or desire Active membership. and teachers of photographic courses may become associates without the Sales Tax Permit. Associate members are non-voting members and may not hold office.

  • Student $40 Anyone preparing for a career in photography in a college or approved vocational or technical school.

  • Service Firm $80 Manufacturers, suppliers, laboratories, and businesses supplying goods and/or services to photographers.

Other Categories

  • Non-Member Attendance To get acquainted with us, you may attend as many meetings as you wish as a guest.   First time guests are free and subsequent meetings a slightly higher guest rate.

  • Spouse A spouse or partner of an active or associate member may attend meetings at regular member rates.  

  • Reciprocal Members in good standing of any other local professional photography organization which has agreed to extend reciprocal attendance privileges.  This entitles meeting attendance at regular member rates.  ​​