FWPPA Photographic
Competition Rules


Guild level photographic competition is to help you prepare for district and IPC competitions.  This level of competition is also beneficial in offering educational growth which will benefit your business. 

Entering in FWPPA's monthly competition does not award merits usable beyond FWPPA.  Judges may or may not be IPC-certified judges, but will be of quality and expertise to judge.

FWPPA competition is only $5 to all Active or Associate members in good standing. 

Images are judged in three separate divisions
(you may enter up to two images, one in Photographic Open and one in Artist)





Three Divisions:

  • Photographic Open - Masters

  • Photographic Open - Aspiring

  • Artist


Each Photographic Open entry must specify one of the four categories below.

  • Portrait– Individuals, seniors, families, children, and animals.

  • Wedding– Bridal or engagement portrait or an image was taken at a wedding.

  • Illustrative– Landscapes, scenery, buildings, commercial, architectural, photojournalism, restoration work* or digital art/painted images.  If entering a restoration image that the photo includes a  ‘before & after’.
    *Artist Division requires guide prints, Illustrative in Photographic Open does not.
    Albums– Can be any album, either bridal, wedding, engagement, theme based, or senior. Must consist of a minimum of 10 images represented in the album. The album entrant must have created all the images within the album. No other photographer’s images are allowed.

General Rules
  1. Entries MUST be received by 6:30 PM the Friday before the guild meeting to qualify. No late entries without permission from the VP of Competitions.

  2. There will be a monthly photo competition/evaluation at every monthly meeting except the December Holiday party.​  The Board of Directors may cancel a scheduled competition for any month.

  3. The judging for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be done by a three-person panel, usually consisting of the guest speaker and two master photographers or other qualified persons from the guild. The scores from all three will be added and the highest average scores will be assigned.

  4. Ribbons will be given out in three places for 1st Blue, 2nd Red, and 3rd White.  It is the responsibility of the entrant to request an evaluation of their entry from the judges after the meeting has ended if they so desire.

  5. Each participating member will get one entry into the Educational Tuition Awards drawing for every entry after a minimum of 6 entries has been met.

  6. Each participating member will receive fellowship points at the rate of one-half point for each entry in each division and one point for each placement in Photographic Open.

  7. As an added incentive to continue to participate in the evaluations and FWPPA activities, once you have achieved a Full Fellowship you will begin to earn clips for your ribbon, 25 points per clip - like the PPA merit clips.

  8. Taking the judging class will count as a special meeting towards your Fellowship.

  9. You cannot judge if you have a photo entered so each time you judge you will receive one-half point counted under competition.


  1. Any Active or Associate member of FWPPA, in good standing, may enter a monthly competition. 

  2. The member must be present to have their entry judged. Photo scores will not be recorded for those not present. If you enter and are not able to be at the meeting, notify the VP of Competitions or President immediately.  Your entry will be removed from consideration for that month.  You may enter the same entry for another month if the entry has not been judged.  If the entry has been judged and you are not at the meeting, no awards, placements or fellowship points will be awarded.  You may enter the image again, however, it must go through the entry process. 

  3. New Active and Associate FWPPA member, in good standing,  may participate in monthly competition beginning the month following their approval as a member of the general membership.

  4. Only one entry can be submitted per entrant per month per Division.  Divisions are Photographic Open and Artist.

  5. A wedding album must contain photos from the same event.

  6. The entry must have been captured and created by the entrant. Exceptions are for Restoration work and an Electronic Imaging entry with a ‘before & after’ included on the photo.

  7. The entrant's name or studio name shall not appear visible anywhere on the face of the entry.

  8. No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment.

  9. Entries previously merited at any PPA affiliated judging are not eligible, including an image from a merited album. 

  10.  All photos must have a title.


Photographer of the Year
  1. The Photographer of the Year Award is based on monthly competition from January through November.

  2. Competition scores for each month are tabulated and maintained from month to month by the VP of Competitions or his/her competition chairperson.

  3. To be eligible, an entrant must enter a minimum of 6 monthly photo competitions.

  4. The person with the highest total score after the November monthly competition (adding together the entrants 6 highest scores) will be named Photographer of the Year and will receive a trophy at the December FWPPA meeting.


Educational Tuition Awards


  1. A total of $1,000.00 will be awarded at the December FWPPA meeting annually.  Divided into (3) awards:

    (1) $500.00

    (2) $250.00

  2. Competition for this award is based on 11 months of competition from January through November of the current calendar year.

  3. Each entry in the monthly competition will be eligible for one (1) entry into the drawing.  (after a minimum of 6 monthly entries has been met).

  4. New Active and Associate members approved for membership during the period of a Texas School Scholarship eligibility year may enter beginning the month following their approval as members by the general membership.

  5. The winners of the year's Educational Tuition Awards $500.00 award will be determined by a drawing held at the December meeting of FWPPA with the names of all the eligible participants being placed in the drawing with the appropriate number of entries - 1 month entered = 1 entry, 4 months = 4 entries, etc. The winner need not be present at the drawing to win.

  6. The remaining (2) $250.00 awards are to be drawn from tickets given to Active and Associate members in good standing attending the December Annual Holiday Party.  

  7. The awards are not exchanged for cash. 

  8. Awards will be reimbursed to the recipient upon receipt and attendance at any PPA, TPPA or Affiliate Guild educational event.